Entering bugs has never been so easy!


Has a special score-board for bughunts!


Bughunts made simple!

About Speedbug

Bug reporting made simple.


Speedbug works best in Google Chrome. Most functionality works in all browsers, except copy-pasting of clipboard images.

What is it

Speedbug is a fast and simple bug management tool. It can be easily used by people who do not have any experience with a bug tool.

How to join?

You can either receive an invitation by an organization that wants you to join a team. Or, you can sign up yourself and create your own organization and teams. Use this link if you would like to create your own organization and teams. create a new account

Bug hunt

The primary reason for making Speedbug was to support bug hunts. It features a special bug hunt administration panel and a bug hunt score board.

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